Designing Your Website

When thinking about your desired website, please bear in mind that each client's needs and levels of preparedness vary - some go together quickly while others take longer.... It all depends on the client's preferences and preparedness.

Initial consultation is free and takes 1 - 2 hours. Once a layout and contents and an estimated time and price are agreed on and then the client's requirements change, the price may also change - up or down as the case warrants - or it may not change at all.

Minor follow-up consultations and/or clarifications are usually free. There may be a charge for re-vamp work. There will be a charge for new/additional pages although it's usually minor.

Domain Registration & Hosting

Securing your domain name is $20/yr and the hosting fee varies according to the size of your site and frequency of projected updates.

Up tp 5 email addresses are included in the hosting fee.

Brochures, Business Cards & other Print Materials

Info and samples coming soon.