the Greater Portland Area
Costumers' Guild

aka "the Robe Warriors"

PO Box 3985, Portland OR 97208-3985

Just who are these people?

We're a group of people (mostly hobbyists although many of us
strive for professional quality work)
who enjoy dreaming up, designing, engineering, and creating costumes.

Some of us work only on historical stuffs,
some strictly on fantasy, others just do science fiction.

Some work only with fabric, others do electronics,
and some get into latex or leather.

Most of us, though, do a variety of things with just
about any kind of material or supplies we can
get our hands on.

Please visit the following links to find out more about us.
(There's far more than what will fit on one page!)

the Greater Portland Area Costume Ball

has updated info!

Join our elist on Yahoo! and come talk with us

If you're in the Eugene-Springfield area of Oregon and would like to join a start-up guild in your area,
please contact Mike O'Rourke (email disabled).

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